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Aesthetic Intelligence:
The Foundation

EARLY BIRD $435 (Standard Tuition: $540)


  • Fun, Engaging & Self-Paced
  • 20 Mini Master Classes (<15 min/video)
  • Live Lectures & Feedback Sessions
  • Interviews with Top Tastemakers
  • Downloadable Exercises
  • Links to Relevant Readings & Podcasts
  • Semi-Annual Aesthetic Awards Event
  • Full-Year Access to Community & Content

What sensations and emotions are you naturally drawn to and why? How can you express these emotions more fully? And how can you apply them to your products and services to create richer and more memorable experiences and build longer-lasting relationships with your customers?

In this introductory course, Pauline Brown guides you through the fundamental steps for sharpening your taste and judgement, connecting with others through their senses, and striking a balance between commercial and creative objectives.


Phase 1
Discovering your Aesthetic Edge

To boost your Aesthetic Intelligence, you need to start from within. In other words, you must develop a deeper understanding of your own personal tastes and preferences and gain the clarity and confidence required to express them.

Phase 1 is designed to heighten your self-awareness, awaken your senses and explore your Aesthetic Identity.

  • Discover what Aesthetic Intelligence is, why it is critically important, and how it serves as a powerful competitive advantage for leaders in all industries.

  • Learn how aesthetics affect our senses. Discover the forces that shape our aesthetics preferences and explore why certain non-conventionally beautiful objects can be perceived as beautiful. Get inspired by aesthetic geniuses and their personal journeys.

  • Develop a deeper awareness of your physical sensations and the emotions they elicit. Gain a clearer understanding of what you are drawn to and why. And acquire techniques for curating and expressing your style.

Phase 2
Putting your Aesthetic Intelligence into Practice

Now that you’ve built a strong personal foundation, it’s time to apply your skills to business and turn your Aesthetic Intelligence into a powerful competitive advantage.

Phase 2 of this course invites you to overcome business challenges that leaders, founders, and strategists commonly face by developing a bold aesthetic solution for a real company.

  • Develop the know-how to identify brand codes and repurpose them in fresh, compelling and relevant ways, while still honoring deeply-held and longstanding company values.Strengthen the impact and emotional resonance of a business by enhancing the quality of its touchpoints, including what your customers see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Use your aesthetic advantage to understand your customers’ experience and envision new and exciting possibilities.

  • Harness the power of the senses as a tool to navigate aesthetic trends and movements and prepare for future ones.

  • Apply all your learnings, takeaways and tools to craft and present your final project. All projects will be entered for consideration of the Aesthetic Award and for discussion on Pauline Brown´s monthly Tastemaker Webinar.

Phase 3
Continuous Learning

Acquiring Aesthetic Intelligence is not easy nor immediate. It takes time, and it takes effort. But it’s worth it!

Phase 3 ensures that you continue to refine your Aesthetic Intelligence through an ongoing series of live events, interviews with prominent tastemakers, community forums, and blogs focused on new and interesting developments in the field.



how and why aesthetic intelligence can be used to capture attention, create desirability, build connections, and unlock financial value


how to conduct a sensorial audit to identify strengths and opportunities for your business and develop aesthetic strategies for long-term sustainable growth.


and sharpen your personal style (and brand) in a way that marries your personal values and tastes with your professional identity and presentation


your business’ value proposition and build a strong competitive advantage through its aesthetic expressions.


an aesthetic sensitivity that not only forges a deeper connection to your own tastes, but also to those of your key constituents, including customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

The course guides you through videos, audios, exercises, hands-on case studies, curated readings, Q&A, live sessions with Pauline and other leading tastemakers. The course is self-paced, but we recommend you complete all the modules within 10 weeks, allocating around two hours per week to the learning process.

Learn by Doing
This is your creative space -- an open canvas -- for you to apply your insights. The more you dig in and the more you explore, the more you will gain.

Flexible and Adaptable
Aesthetic sensitivity, preferences and tastes evolve through a combination of exploration and inspiration. Learn at the speed that’s right for you and your own creative flow.

User-Friendly Framework
Our proprietary method for teaching aesthetic intelligence is taught through a series of easy-to-digest learning units and easy-to-follow exercises.

Learn from the Best
Exclusive live sessions in which the world’s leading tastemakers share their stories, experiences and practical techniques for boosting aesthetic intelligence.

Content built on 30 years of executive insight plus top-tier business education
The course is based on insights that guided Pauline’s own success as a top executive in the luxury goods world and leading thought leader and MBA courses taught at Harvard and Columbia Universities.

Vibrant community
Exclusive access to a professional community committed to lifelong learning in Aesthetic Intelligence.

Aesthetic Recognition
Every 6 months Pauline and her advisory team will select the top 3 final projects and announce a Grand Winner of the semi-annual Aesthetic Visionary Award.

Continuous Learning
Participants will have a full year of access to the course, curated content and live sessions, effective as of the date of registration.



deliver the one thing
that everyone seeks
Aesthetic Delight

This is for...

  • Product Managers & Entrepreneurial Innovators seeking to build their brands, reach new customers and express their values
  • Professional Pivoters hoping to pursue career paths that better align with their interests and lifestyle choices
  • CEOs & Founders seeking to communicate their vision in more emotionally resonant ways
  • Growth Seekers searching to enhance their value, visibility and prospects for career advancement
  • Personal Brand-Builders looking for ways to project their uniqueness for making mindful choices in their lives and careers
  • Creatives needing to articulate their ideas and use them to drive business results

Questions you might have


What is Aesthetic Intelligence? Why does it matter?

Aesthetic Intelligence is, in a word, taste. It’s not about creativity or artistry. It’s about the ability to decipher not only what looks and feels good to you, but why and how to deliver it for others.   When it comes to business, aesthetics has the potential to unlock a lot of value – and not just for design-oriented companies.


What can I expect?

This self-paced course offers a foundation for building your aesthetic muscles and applying your taste to your business. Taught by Pauline Brown, it consists of:


Does Pauline Brown personally teach the course?

Yes. The course is taught entirely by Pauline Brown. On occasion, she invites other aesthetic geniuses to share their perspectives and experiences.


What is the Aesthetic Award?

Pauline and her team will announce a Grand Winner of the Aesthetic Award.  Winners will get a personalized feedback session and be featured in a variety of public forums and media outlets. In addition, they will be inducted into our roster of Aesthetic Geniuses and will gain access to our “Train the Trainer” certification course, launched in 2022.


Do high-profile tastemakers personally participate in the course?

Yes. As a growing community of tastemakers, we are continuously on the lookout for those who master the art of sensorial seduction and infuse beauty in their lives and businesses. As a course member, you will have the opportunity to participate in online sessions, in which Pauline Brown interviews leading tastemakers and explores the tools, experiences, influences and habits that shaped their success.


Will I have time to study?

Absolutely. We know you are busy and, as such, have designed this course around microlearning segments and self- paced methodologies. Participants are able to watch, listen and read from any device, anytime, anywhere – regardless of individual bandwidth and schedule constraints.


What kind of support do you offer students who have doubts and questions on the contents of the program?

Exercise come with inspiring examples, which will help guide you. If you need any additional support, you are welcome to send all questions and comments to us through Slack.  The monthly group dialogues are also opportunities for you to share your opinions on the field.


How long will I have access to the course?

You will have a 3-month access to your course and curated content. Upon completion of this timeframe, if you haven’t completed the course or if you wish to continue learning with updated content, you may request a 3-month extension.


What is included in the $540 fee?

Full 3-month access to the program (e.g., videos, interactive workbook, downloadable resources, live online sessions, audio instructions), our community and our curated content and events.

Corporate Workshops

Interested in energizing your organization and strengthening your capabilities? We design and deliver custom learning programs according to your team’s and your industry’s specific needs. We also collaborate with corporate clients on a series of aesthetic workshops.

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